good afternoon today I’m going to discuss a issue that some of you might have or may have had in the past and not known what happened I have a Western Digital my passport 2 terabyte hard drive that I carry around with me to backup stuff on because it’s small and very portable and I have purchased a second one and I want to show you what can happen when you have perhaps two identical hard drives and a potential problem I’m going to take my first hard drive that I’ve had for a while couple months and I’ve just plugged it into my computer and here in just a second we’re going to see that it’s going to show up down here and my computer and it’s right here and it has all of my information on there and that’s great so I’m able to look at it and do what I normally am able to do now I’m going to take my second drive and I’m going to plug it in and I’m plugging it in right now so the assumption is it should pop up here on the screen and show that there’s another drive plugged in but you can see that nothing has happened and there’s a a way to one way to look to see if it’s there is to go down here to your area where you can eject the hard drives any USB drives or whatever and you can see that I’ve got one shown here my my first one that drive F and of course that shows up over here but you can see there’s another one there but it’s not showing up over here so what has happened is with these two identical hard drives they have the same ID signature so they’re doing what’s called a collision and because of that the computer is not able to recognize that second hard drive being that it is basically identical to the other one now if you had different models you probably wouldn’t run into that problem if you had a Western Digital and a Seagate or or any other kind of hard drive but because these two are identical the computer is having a hard time seeing it but you can see it’s actually there but there’s no drive assigned to it so one of the quick ways to fix this problem is to go over here to computer and then you can click on right click on computer and then you see a manage option here you can click there and it will give you an option here of computer management window and there’s a disk management you can click on down there now you can look down here and see that I’ve got a passport drive another one that’s identical in size now I notice it says offline and this one is online that right there is one reason why you can’t see that Drive now before I show you this drive I’m going to show you some other information about it I’m going to go to start I’m going to type in command and I’m going to go into Doss I’m going to do CD backslash to get to the root directory then I’m going to type in disk part now what this is going to do is give me some ability that I don’t have otherwise I’m going to do a list disk and you can see when I type that that’s like getting a directory and here’s my 700 gigabyte hard drive that’s in my computer that’s disc 0 normally that’s the one that shows first here’s my second one that shows it’s online and then here is that other one that shows it is offline now I’m going to do another commander I’m going to do select disk one and then I’m going to give another command here unique ID disk you know giving the idea of the disk and you can see the number here is what it is now I’m going to select disk two and then I’m going to do the unique ID again and you can see here that we have the same ID for the same disc let’s do this again select disc one there’s a ID select disc two now you can see select disc one was chosen and here’s the ID for that one and you can see it’s got the same ID that’s what’s causing the problem a fairly quick fix to this is to go back into this computer management window that we opened up by going to right-click on computer and then click on manage and all I have to do now is I can right click on here and when I right-click it says online properties or help if I take this disc online and click online that will quickly quickly solve the problem of being able to see the second disc that has now been plugged in so now let’s go here and minimize this and we can now see we have two different discs here with the appropriate Drive letters to be able to allow the computer or you as the user to get to it there’s another way to do that in DOS but I don’t think I will bore you with that issue and just give you the quick fix here once again you go to computer your right-click you find manage click on that window and then when that window opens up as we know it was down here you can see what disks are there and if something is not online that’s probably a clue of the reason why you’re not able to see a second external hard drive that might be identical to the one that you’re currently using so a little information here it will tidbit for you that you may not have ever had happen to you but just in case it does happen this could be very well the reason why you’re not able to see another external hard drive because they might be identical and they’re causing a collision the quick fix is to go here to computer management and bring it online and then you should be sent now let me show you what has happened here when we did that let’s select the disk to again remember it had the idea of this number here let’s select it now if you notice that previous number is they’ve been changed so the computer has given this new external hard drive a new ID by doing that you should not ever have trouble loading these two discs onto this same laptop again so I hope that helps give you an idea of what potentially could happen and with that I will close this video thank you

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