hi everyone many of people are facing this ball in these days I have seen a lot of issues related to that on Apple Forum so what was happening when I connected my external hard drive to my macbook I was unable to see in finder or anywhere so the first thing you need to check with Disk Utility you need to go to Disk Utility how to go just press command space together and you will open a Finder or tab and just type disk utility there well when you open you will able to see your Mac HD here Macintosh HD and your external hard drive over here in when it doesn’t show here that in that time you know this this area is grayed out if your hard drive is not seen here you cannot see your hard disk in this area at all that means your hard drive has some problem okay or there is something hardware issue it might be the cable the USB port or anything but it is not the software issue if your hard drive is seen here but it is grayed out and you cannot see here in the finder that means that is problem with your software something software issues there so what actually works for me and we just show you what you have to do you just have to click on the Apple menu which is on the topmost corner go to the system preference okay now now you’re able to see this software here you might be having something different or like but it is related to n PFS okay so when you open it this my software is a Paragon in tapers format I got it with my Seagate hard drive okay so what actually does it is the program enables you to use your Windows Windows formatted hard drive into Mac ok so that this is the software it’s for that so what happens when you install this software this becomes your primary software ok when you connect your hard drive into this hard drive do you mad it actually controlled by this software and usually it is supposed to handled by this disk utility which is the basic Mac Mac utility ok when you are unable to see your hard drive here it’s grayed out here that means some problem is with this software so try to go here and click your hard drive here you will able to see here but it might not be green in this area ok so you just have to mount it it’s right now already mounted my hard drive so you just have to mount your hard drive and you most probably will able to see your hard drive when you find her ok well when you again eject your hard drive you’re still not able to see your hard drive again in this area so what you have to do just uninstall this this software and reinstall it so how do I install it what I did I just open the setup file of this software and it asked me to uninstall the previous version and I just uninstalled it so that is the solution it will help you I I hope and if it does don’t forget to like the video you

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