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Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery – Professional Review

Welcome to my review of Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery – Professional. In this video I’m going to share my thoughts & review this powerful Data Recovery App designed for you Mac!

Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery – Professional, is a tool you can use to recover critical documents, emails, photos & videos from any storage media that is designed to work with MacOS High Sierra & will work with many older versions of MacOS & OSX back to OSX 10.6 Snow Leopard.

The App is essentially a powerful undelete tool that can scan your main computer drive or any external drive such as a thumb drive or external hard drive & identify any recoverable files & help you recover or undelete the desired file from a list it creates of files that are still recoverable. This type of software has been around for a long time, I can remember using norton undelete many moons ago! But what I think it really unique about Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery professional is the great user friendly interface! From the moment you run it there’s no beating around the bush & trying to figure out how to use it, everything is right there in plain sight without being overwhelming. & for those who like to tinker they did include more advanced settings that even allow you to specify specific file types to scan for! But the default options are great & scan for everything so most regular people won’t ever really need to use those settings.

One minor caveat to this is if you’re using this App on your main system drive, you will need to disable system integrity protection. I would recommend enabling system integrity protection again once you’re finished using the App as leaving this off can be a serious security risk.

When you use the App on your main system drive it gives you great instructions about how to disable the system integrity protection & even encourages you to take a picture of the instructions to assist you. Disabling & re-Enabling the system integrity protection is actually pretty simple. Restart your Mac & as it’s shutting down hold down the command & R key while it boots back up, this will boot your Mac to the recovery mode. once there click on utilities & choose terminal, then type in the command “csrutil disable” & press return. Then restart your Mac. Now you can use Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery – Professional on your main system drive. Once finished I would recommend going back & turning the system integrity protection back on by restarting in the same fashion as before, & then going back to terminal & typing in “csrutil enable” & then press enter and restart. It is necessary to turn the system integrity off for any undelete or data recovery App or program to work on the main system drive as it directly accesses the operating system & file system in ways that most Apps should not, but in this case is required, in order to undelete or recover files!

The sooner you use Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery – Professional after it being deleted the more likely you will be able to recover the file! This can be used on any drive you connect to your Mac as it works with multiple file systems including HFS & HFS+, FAT, ex-FAT, NTFS & of course the new Apple file system – APFS.

Another bonus feature of Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery – Professional is that it can also help you clone any drive to a dmg disk image file for backup. This is a great way to make a clone backup of your computer to an external hard drive!

You can download a free version of Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery – Professional from their website to try it out, but if you find any files you want to recover you will be prompted to purchase the software, which is also available on their website & in stores like Amazon, Staples & Walmart. I’ll leave links to the official site & the amazon purchase page in the description below if you’d like to check those out.

Overall, Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery – Professional is a really great data recovery App that’s really user friendly & comes with the bonus feature of letting you clone drives to disk image files! Super handy!

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