Day 13: 30 videos of 30 days goal.

This is what to do if your hard drive just died.

1. If your SSD suddenly failed, would you think the data could be recovered? Why do so many IT professionals believe that SSDs can’t be fixed or data recovered.

2. Good news: SSDs can be recovered! I’ll tell you how many we get every day/week.

3. 3 examples of failed SSDs we received in the past 1 hour: Mac Book SSD, Intel SSD and Toshiba SSD, 3 different problems our customers reported.

4. Examples of how we recover the data, the solutions for data recovery from SSDs.

5. We offer a free assessment and quote for our SSD data recovery services at Payam Data Recovery, prices range from $200 to $2000 on average depending on what the problem is, we also offer 12 month payment plans.

7. Learn more about our hard drive data recovery service here:

If you know anybody who needs help with their dead SSD, send them a link to this video. would love to help them.

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