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The customer noticed a ticking sound coming from their QNAP TS-431P NAS RAID server, accompanied by a barrage of flashing lights and beeping sounds. As this unit contained all of the business operations data, they didn’t mess around in seeking professional help.

Once we received the unit, the first thing to identify was the mechanical conditions of each drive to find out which drive/drives are clicking. The unit contained four Western Digital WD10EZEX hard drives, two of which were identical and two that were from slightly different families, indicating that at least two of these drives have been replaced at some point in time.

Drive #3 turned out to be the clicking drive, so the three remaining drives were hooked up to our PC-3000 for further diagnostics, while Drive #3 underwent inspection in our cleanroom. As can be seen in the video, the top platter had two deep scratches, and in this case, rendering this drive unrecoverable.

As the QNAP NAS RAID server was configured to use RAID 6, and out of the four disks, we were able to image three of them fully; we were confident in being able to recover the data. In theory, RAID 6 can sustain two simultaneous drive failures while maintaining functionality.

Once we had reconstructed the RAID array, we then had access to the user files via the EXT file system. In this instance, and with the customers’ permission, we opened a handful of office documents and images to double-check the integrity of the files. Great Success.

We were happy to report recovering 100% of the customers’ data, and the customer was as equally delighted in getting all their data back. We managed to turn this around for the customer within two days, while their I.T. department reconfigured the office with a new NAS server.

Job Done!

If your hard drive is malfunctioning and you need the data from it, we highly recommend only seeking professional help in order to recover your data.


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