**** UPDATE 10/4/2018. The pilot episode of the new FBI show on CBS features clips from this YouTube video on chip-off data recovery! Read more at https://flashfixers.com/fbi-tv-series-features-clips-from-flashfixers/ ****

In this video, I show you how to recover all the data from an LG G4 stuck in boot loop by removing the eMMC memory chip. First you must apply enough heat to the board – I use a bottom side preheater and top side hot air, then gently lift the eMMC chip from the board with fine point tweezer. Then I show you how to clean the black ooze underfill from the memory chip with flux, heat and isopropyl alcohol, and how to prep it for reading in a dedicated test fixture. I show you how to read the chip and where to find the pictures and videos in the Camera folder.
If you would rather have us do the chip-off, we also offer this as a data recovery service through FlashFixers. More info at http://flashfixers.com/lg-g4-bootloop-data-recovery/

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