hallo everybody its Kumar here today I’m only going to how to repair your character flash drive on memory card on hard disk without using any software only using command prompt how is it first you insert USB flash drive you see in this message first is this Microsoft Windows can’t farm at your HP fast a drive and can’t access your USB plasterer a message then next message is you if you accept your USB flash drive you see in this message it is two days before a stray corrupted message how to fix this first you go to start then type on CMD and cry upon command prompt run as admin now open – come on prompt window then type following command and type on disk part it is quite now open that type on Lester disk first you choose to value the PSP faster disk I use my a GB USB flash drive so I use my disk one the type on select disk one then first you see in your discredit or die point detail disk you seen you do discredited on next you sucked the data disk volume to type on select volume just like wall in three is my USB flash drive type on data volume would it ever volume and type on detail partisan CEO did about discrete a partisan and no to a partition number my disk part is number is one the next type on select volume 3i pond the first cleaning your current partisan a type on clean cleaning this disk and you creating your new partition on your disk and type create partition primary you was expecting your pharmacist primary the next r2 this partition type on active you activist foreign check next to select your partition and type select what is on one a circuit board dissident active this partition active what is one is active the next type on format your faster the dive format FS is a go to fat32 and type quick is make a few minutes to phone with USB flash drive any plastic successfully formatter then a single USB plaster and die upon a sign you are soon we plaster a new autoplay messages is for new goomar discs on your new volume letter type exit type on exit the next you see your party screen details no open normally open your disk you check witness and copy any files or folders to do this no open now and eject the you normally ejecting your USB flash drive soon guys I type on following commands on command prompt in command status between given below this video hey guys thanks for watching please like share and subscribe well good bye

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