what is up youtube this is Hauser Tech and I recently bought an a data SP 900 256 gig SSD I popped in my computer and lo and behold it wasn’t being recognized so I did some digging on good old Google and I found out that this is quite a common problem with new hard drives and SSDs so I decide to make this guide to help everyone out that’s having the same problem and how to properly configure their new hard drive or SSD in about 5 minutes so let’s get going the first thing that you’ll see is that at this point my new SSD is not recognized by the computer you can see my C hard drive my D hard drive but no SSD so first thing that you want to do is go into your BIOS or your device manager and check that the hard drive or SSD is actually been recognized by your computer this case I went into my device manager and you can see that the window is actually recognizing the SSD in the top left corner there if Windows isn’t recognizing or if it’s not recognizing the BIOS there’s a good chance you have a defective SSD or hard drive and you should definitely return it so the next step is to go back into control panel and you want to open up the Administrative Tools tab and under that you want to double click on computer management once you’re in computer management you want to go down the list to where you see Disk Management you want to open that up and here you can see that my 256 gig SSD is recognized by the computer but it says it’s unallocated so to fix this you want to right click on the unallocated drive and you want to click on new simple volume after that you’ll be introduced to the new simple volume wizard this will configure the new hard drive and allow Windows to recognize it and use it like any other drive so click Next and then choose the partition in this case I’m just going to keep it as a single partition click Next then assign a drive letter I’m going to keep it as e I’m happy with that next then you want to label your drive in this case I decided to label a data SP 900s d after that you want to click Next and finish and then the hard drive will format itself the time of the formatting will depend on the size of the drive mine was only 256 gig SSD so the whole format took about I’d say 2 maybe 3 minutes it wasn’t very long after it was done the a data SP 900 SSD popped up on the right and on the left under the computer manager you can see that the SSD is now listed as a healthy primary partition so we can go back into my computer and you can see that the a data SP 900 SSD diet installed is now being properly recognized by the computer and is ready to use so that’s all you need to do to configure your new hard drive or SSD and I hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial and that you found it helpful

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