so I had this problem where I was trying to connect my new external hard drive to my PC but when I connected it it made all the correct noises from the sounds I figured it must be connected however the view in the my computer window was not showing any drive connected after scouring the internet for a solution I finally figured out how to fix this and the solution is really quite simple so here we go right click on this PC or computer and then go to manage up will come a window named computer management which will have a series of headings running down the left-hand side the heading we are looking for is Disk Management which is located underneath storage when you find this go ahead and click it in a few seconds your computer will load a list of connected drives and partitions that are related you will see that as I connect and remove the external hard drive there appears to be an unallocated drive under the label disk one this is the problem right click on this unallocated drive and select new simple volume you will now be guided through a wizard which will get you on your way to allocating this driver letter for you to see in the my computer window during the course of this wizard there isn’t really anything that you should change except perhaps the certain letter that you may want to specify or even what they drive is called once you finish going through this wizard you will now with a bit of luck see the status of the drive in the computer management window as healthy job done go ahead and check the main window and you will see that your once hidden drive will now appear with the name that you’ve specified with the letter thanks for watching this has been Adam from as productions with another short tutorial video if you got any requests for any future tutorials feel free to leave them in a comment below this video

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