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If you need professional data recovery services, visit acsdata.com or call 1-800-717-8974.

Do it yourself hard drive repair and data recovery on a Seagate 750GB hard drive. ***WARNING*** This is NOT recommended for situations where you are trying to recover critical, irreplaceable data. The chances of permanent data loss are extremely high. In this video we show you the process for transplanting hard disk platters from a hard drive with a damaged spindle motor. We made an effort to do this using simple tools to show that it could be done. We DO NOT recommend this method at all for those who have important data that needs to be recovered.

Please note, this process only works with 7200.10 model Seagate hard drives. Do not attempt on any other model Seagate drive, or any other brand hard drive…especially Western Digital.

Hard drive data recovery is much more involved than what can be shown in simple videos like this. Professional data recovery requires the ability to not only properly diagnose your failed hard drive, but also having the right equipment.

Clean rooms for data recovery are not as critical as having the proper knowledge and experience. In addition, having proper software for imaging is crucial. After the platter swap in this video, this is absolutely no way this drive would have been accessible on a computer, no matter how it was attached. The drive had many areas where it really struggled to image completely, and our Deepspar Disk Imager is one of the few tools on the market that intuitively knows how to handle unreadable sectors without pushing the hard drive to its limit.

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