Level: Intermediate
Presenter: Eli the Computer Guy
Length of Class: 20 Minutes

Data Recovery

Introduction to Data Recovery
Purpose of Class

This class teaches students the purpose of data recovery devices and what to look for when purchasing their own.
Topics Covered

Why you need a Data Recovery Device
What to look for when buying a Data Recovery Device
Class Notes

Data recovery devices generally only extract the bits and bytes from a dying hard drive and put them on a good hard drive so that you can extract the data from a stable hard drive.
You can use Linux for the same results, but you have to know linux…
Generally cost between $1000-$5000
More expensive devices do more then you need
We use a YEC Ninja, but there may be better devices available
Data Recovery Devices can scan hard drives in reverse and do other things software alone cannot do.
Final Thoughts
We billed at least $200 if a client hard drive was connected to our Ninja. You could realistically charge up to $400.
Linux may be better, but beware the “Rabbit Hole to Hell” if your employees start troubleshooting the data recovery computer versus just pressing a button on a data recovery device.
Data Recovery devices can take a long time to run!

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