Green inspection light
Platter extractor:
Momentary foot pedal switch
Vacuum pump
Quick pogo pin adapter for eepROM

In this video, I wanted to demonstrate 3 of my favorite tools that I was introduced to in 2019. These tools quickly became an undividable part of my daily data recovery routine work. This is not a paid advertising, but Amazon does provide us a commission if you choose to purchase products from links provided here. I hope you will benefit from the use of these tools as much as I do.

if you want to ship your failed device to us for data recovery and free evaluation, simply fill out this form:

and send your drive boxed with bubble wrap to this address:

HDD Recovery Services
391 Bank St, Suite 201
Ottawa, ON
K2P 1Y3

Updated 2019 my gear for soldering:
Microscope camera 21mp 60fps 1080P:
JBC precision soldering iron and tweezers:
Hot air station:
Infrared preheater:
BEST Flux:
Solder paste for BGA reballing:
NAND BGA rebelling stencil
Fume Extractor (mine is no longer available but this is the new version of the same unit) :

Gear for filming:
small camera:
big camera:
Lens on big camera:

this video:

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